EST: Find out how your drug compares to the competition

Use our automated evidence synthesis platform to find out how your drug compares to the competition- upload your clinical trial data and let EST do the rest


How it works

Competitor data

We collect  all publicly available competitor data so that it's ready to be analysed in the platform


Upload your clinical trial data alongside the pre-collected competitor data

Get results

Get insights from EST on how you compare to your competitors


About EST


What is EST?

EST is a web based automated evidence synthesis tool designed to instantly compare the relative effectiveness of different drugs based on published clinical trial data


Who should use est?

Anybody working in drug development or market access that wants quicker insights into comparative effectiveness vs their key competitors


why this approach?

The current methods for doing evidence synthesis are slow and restrictive. EST allows you to compare to your competition instantly without having to wait months for results

See EST in action


Meet the team


Tim Reason

"The NMA Guy"

Tim is co-founder of Estima and responsible for NMA methods for the tool; Tim has been in HEOR for 12 years in both the public and private sector


Andy Gimblett

"The Dev Guy"

Andy is co-founder of Estima and responsible for building EST; Andy has a PhD in computer science and has been developing software for over 20 years

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