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Estima has developed web-based apps for SLRs, NMAs and single arm MAICs...

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Estima has developed a web-based app (EST) for connected networks and a desktop app for population adjusted analyses, disconnected networks and single arm trials, which are being used by Top 10 Pharma companies both for early HTA planning and directly in HTA submissions.

A combination of our technology products and consulting services helps pharmaceutical companies and biotechs use network meta-analysis (NMA), matching-adjusted indirect comparisons (MAIC), and simulated treatment comparisons (STC) more effectively through technology to guide early decision making and clinical development:

to conduct early feasibility analysis and NMAs.
to put the results into early economic models to determine economically justifiable prices (EJPs) and/or the probability of being cost effective at HTA.

SLR App: Harvest

Estima has developed a web-based app to conduct automated end-to-end SLRs using Gen AI:

Searching PubMed.
Screening title, abstracts and full-text screening at unprecedented speed, processing up to 10,000 abstracts in just 10 minutes.
Full tracking of results included and excluded at each stage with reason for exclusion.
Fully interactive to allow human intervention to review and override AI decisions.
Production of report results PRISMA.

In our recent study, we found that screening sensitivity and specificity of title and abstract screening by GPT-4 was 95.9% and 86.7% respectively; and 97.1% and 66.1% respectively after full text review.

We are currently working towards implementing further automated solutions for SLRs, NMAs and economic modelling.

Our Solutions

Early Feasibility Analysis and NMAs

Estima utilises technology to ensure systematic literature reviews, network meta-analysis (NMA), matching adjusted indirect comparison (MAIC) and simulated treatment comparison (STC) strategies are produced more effectively and efficiently to inform economic models, evaluate cost-effectiveness and to guide early decision-making and clinical development.

Threshold Analysis

Harnessing this technology to quickly inform early strategy and decision-making by conducting a rapid feasibility assessment and early NMA to determine the thresholds for clinical outcomes at which a potential product would become more effective than key competitor products.

We use AI to accelerate access
to optimal treatments

The ability to utilise large language models effectively has the potential to revolutionise various sectors and industries, including HEOR. 

Don’t just take our word for it...

“My team uses Estima whenever we want to do early modelling, HTA planning or just to understand better how effective my drug is compared to what's already out there; I always appreciate their friendly, professional and knowledgeable approach to HEOR”

Lead Health Economist
Top 10 Pharma

“Estima gave me access to their evidence synthesis platform to help me generate comparative effectiveness estimates for economic modelling; I was given evidence synthesis training and now feel much more confident going forward to my submission!”

HEOR Manager
Top 10 Pharma

“I engaged Estima to do some early analyses for HTA planning; they understood my needs straight away and we co-developed an evidence synthesis plan which we used for a successful submission; highly recommended!”

Lead Health Economist
Top 10 Pharma

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