Harnessing the
power of AI

We use generative AI to automate elements of the HEOR process, such as systematic reviews, NMAs and economic modelling.

We develop bespoke AI solutions for our customers to accelerate and automate their HEOR workflow.

We start with an AI “proof of concept” to determine the extent to which parts of the HEOR workflow can be automated using AI.

Pending satisfactory execution of the proof of concept, we then productionise the AI solution using software so it can be scaled across the entire HEOR organisation.

“Estima believes that the potential of AI should be harnessed and used to deliver faster patient access to medicines”

Artificial Intelligence

The ability to utilise large language models effectively has the potential to revolutionise various sectors and industries, including HEOR.  By harnessing the power of large language models, we can improve decision-making, optimise resource allocation, and accelerate the development of targeted therapies. AI-driven approaches can enhance the precision and efficiency of cost-effectiveness analyses, comparative effectiveness research, and patient-reported outcomes measures, all of which are crucial to the successful implementation of pipeline product development strategies.

Proof of Concepts

Advancing research in AI and its applications in HEOR is not only an exciting area of scientific exploration in which we specialise, but also has the potential to offer significant benefits to our pharmaceutical clients. By staying at the forefront of AI-driven HEOR innovations, our clients can effectively streamline their product development process, reduce costs, and increase the likelihood of successful outcomes. Furthermore, leading the charge in this research area would positions our clients as industry leaders, fostering a reputation for cutting-edge innovation and commitment to the evolution of healthcare.

Explore our apps

Our NMA and SLR apps conduct automated end-to-end literature reviews, from the search and screening to extracting data, with high accuracy and speed.  We are currently working towards implementing further automated solutions for SLRs, NMAs and economic modelling.

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“My team uses Estima whenever we want to do early modelling, HTA planning or just to understand better how effective my drug is compared to what's already out there; I always appreciate their friendly, professional and knowledgeable approach to HEOR”

Lead Health Economist
Top 10 Pharma

“Estima gave me access to their evidence synthesis platform to help me generate comparative effectiveness estimates for economic modelling; I was given evidence synthesis training and now feel much more confident going forward to my submission!”

HEOR Manager
Top 10 Pharma

“I engaged Estima to do some early analyses for HTA planning; they understood my needs straight away and we co-developed an evidence synthesis plan which we used for a successful submission; highly recommended!”

Lead Health Economist
Top 10 Pharma

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