Estima Scientific is a pioneering technology company revolutionising HEOR through the development and implementation of innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions

Estima was born in 2019 from a desire to speed up access to patient medicines. After long careers in HEOR and software development, Estima’s co-founders decided to start Estima following a chance meeting in London. Estima is bootstrapped and fully controlled by the two founders, with all software projects being funded from business profits.

Tim Reason and Andy Gimblett aim to move us to a world where healthcare research is conducted instantaneously through AI and automation, and where patients are not left waiting any longer than necessary to be given life-saving medicines. 

Our experienced and talented team of expert data scientists, software engineers and health economists strive to increase transparency and efficiency of pharmaceutical research, utilising the best evidence, technology and data science techniques.

Our AI-assisted strategy not only enhances objectivity and elevates the scientific process, but does so without compromising on robust methodology and ensures the highest levels of scientific rigor.

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Managing Director

Tim Reason is co-founder of Estima Scientific and specialises in AI and evidence synthesis, having spent 15 years in the field of HEOR and technology. Tim is Managing Director of Estima, driving business activities, innovation and strategy for the company. Tim’s specialises in the intersection of HEOR, software development and AI to drive better outcomes for patients. Tim is the lead author on two seminal papers in AI for HEOR, showing that AI can be used to automate health economic modelling and NMA.



Chief Technical Officer

Andy Gimblett is co-founder of Estima Scientific, and specialises in software development in Python, React and a multitude of other technologies. Andy is CTO at Estima and responsible for driving technology and software development for the company. Andy has been a Python developer for over 20 years and has a PhD in Computer Science, with several years working on technology products in healthcare.


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Chief Technical Officer


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Managing Director


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Chief Technical Officer

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We use generative AI to automate elements of the HEOR process, such as systematic reviews, NMAs and economic modelling.

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Estima has developed web-based apps for SLRs and analysis tools for connected networks and single arm trials with IPD.

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ISPOR US 2024... that's a wrap!

ISPOR US 2024... that's a wrap!

4 Posters, 2 Podiums and 1 Best Podium Award later! We really enjoyed presenting our latest research using LLMs in HEOR. Click the link below if you are interested in discussing further, or to schedule a meeting for ISPOR EU in November!

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Best Podium Award: ISPOR US 2024

We are very proud to share that Will Rawlinson has been awarded ISPOR US 2024's Best Podium Research Presentation! Click here to read his pioneering research on the potential of generative AI for automating economic modelling:

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